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Lotus Leaf Rice

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Lotus Leaf Rice


The Story of Lotus Leaf that Cleanses Body and Soul.

Lotus leaf is loved as tea and flavorful lotus leaf rice representing Buddhist cuisine.
Lotus leaf that is characterized by delicate, soft and mellow flavor is warm in nature, unlike green tea. It is also well known as a beauty food that helps women in on a diet since it is rich in vitamin C and fiber. In addition, lotus leaf contains quercetin known as an antioxidant substance. Therefore, it is loved as a natural detox food to cleanse body and soul for modern people who are tired of contamination and stress.


Which rice should we eat? White rice with excellent mouthfeel but lack of nutrient or mixed grains and brown rice with rich nutrient but lower digestibility. We finally find the answer in nature. Well-being foods helping to maintain harmonious diet and healthy life by taking functional material thoroughly contained in the vegetable and fruit. Now Catch the texture, nutrition, and taste at once with functional rice! Meet the Babijoa's well-being rice(medic rice) that opens the new prospect to healthy dining table. Babijoa complies with HACCP standards and OEM order production is possible. (Babijoa gets HACCP certification about functional rice at the first in KOREA) Babijoa produces 200 tons per month with all automatic facilities. If you make a cake or bread with rice, You will experience happiness. Eye, nose, and mouth are happy as well as body if making the cake. Babijoa has a sense of responsibility for health your family. Delicious even if you eat rice only. Note the color! Enjoy a unique taste of Babijoa.
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Lotus Leaf Rice