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Cactus fruit Rice

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  • MaterialMEDIC RICE
  • Size11 * 30 * 6 mm
  • Weight1 kg


  • South Korea South Korea
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The cactus fruit Story of Rosy Heal Benefit

Cactus fruit (prickly pear) has a feature of palm so it is known as "palm cactus" and known for treating more than 100 diseases or live more than 100 years. Cactus fruit is high on a dietary fiber contents which has four times higher than lettuce and three times higher than plum. In stalks, the contents of dietary fiber is twice higher than that of the fruit. In addition, cactus fruit helps with bowel movement so it is easy to feel satiety with small amount that helps with people on a diet. This sour and flavorful pink-colored fruit is rich in vitamin C which has higher vitamin contents than plum and cherry tomato up to 10 times so it keeps our body from diseases.